Orders placed with shipping methods of Ground, First Class or Priority Mail usually ship within 1-2 business days*. Orders placed requesting UPS 2nd DAY AIR** or UPS NEXT DAY AIR** will ship out the same business day if placed by 1 pm Eastern Time – If received after 1 pm Eastern Time, the order will ship the following business day.

Most orders will ship the same or very next business day!

Please make sure you provide correct information when placing your order – most importantly the billing address for the credit card as well as the shipping address. These are the most common items that cause a delay in shipment.

Although we may have received your order by 1 pm (for AIR shipping methods), if we are unable to process the order and need to contact you for further information and/or verification of the order, we need to be able to hear back from you by 1 pm, otherwise the order will not ship until the following business day (provided we have received the information needed from you to finish processing the order). We do not refund shipping if your order is delayed in shipment due to incomplete, missing, or incorrect information.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Ship day means the day your order ships out – not when it will be delivered to you. For example, if you place an order on a Monday, your order should ship (not be delivered) no later than Tuesday. Your order will then be delivered to you dependent upon the shipping method you chose during check out.

**Excludes Pepper Spray – These items cannot ship via 2nd or NEXT DAY AIR – for more info, please visit our Shipping Restrictions page.

FREE Shipping Option

FREE SHIPPING: Only orders totaling $50.00 or higher qualify for free standard shipping.

Choose the $0.00 option when checking out.

If your order qualifies for free shipping, your order will ship at our discretion either by UPS Ground, US Mail, or another Carrier. Your shipment confirmation email will let you know how it was shipped and provide you with the tracking number. Available to US Residents only.

Shipping Cost

Shipping rates are based on method chosen during check out, the weight, size, and the destination city & state.

How long will it take to receive your order? Here is a list of our shipment methods with approximate transit times for the US:

These methods will be delivered in the approximate days in transit DEPENDING ON THE DESTINATION

First Class – 3 to 4 days (excludes Sunday/Holiday delivery)
Priority Mail – 1 to 3 days (excludes Sunday/Holiday delivery)
UPS Ground – 1 to 7 business days (see UPS Ground map below)

These methods will be delivered as follows no matter the destination

UPS 2nd DAY AIR – 2 business days
UPS NEXT DAY AIR – 1 business day

NOTE: UPS does NOT deliver on weekends for the above services. We do not offer Saturday delivery through the shopping cart checkout. If you need Saturday Delivery, please call us directly (you will need to call by 12noon Eastern Time to ensure your order will ship for Saturday Delivery). Additional shipping charges will apply for Saturday Delivery.

Once your order ships, a shipment confirmation will be emailed to you no later than the following day after your order ships, which will provide the method of shipping and the tracking number(s).

The below map is for transit times for UPS Ground shipments only (not US Mail):


Some of our products, such as stun guns and pepper sprays, may be restricted in your state.


The following are shipping restrictions for Stun Devices:

Stun Guns cannot be shipped to the following Cities, States, Counties:

New York
Chicago – not even with FOID card
Illinois *  Can be purchased with proof of FOID card — see below
Rhode Island
Wisconsin  * Can be purchased with proof of CCW permit — see below

ILLINOIS STUN DEVICE RESTRICTION:  Customers who reside in Illinois and who have a valid FOID card may purchase stun devices. Please email a copy of your FOID to us at, after placing your order – please reference order number when sending the email. If we do not receive a copy of your FOID card and you have purchased a stun device, your order will not be processed or shipped. We can not ship stun devices to the city of Chicago even if you have an FOID card.

WISCONSIN STUN DEVICE RESTRICTION: Customers who reside in Wisconsin and who have a valid CCW permit may purchase stun devices. Please email a copy of your CCW permit to us at, after placing your order – please reference order number when sending the email.  If we do not receive a copy of your CCW permit and you have purchased a stun device, your order will not be processed or shipped.


The following are shipping restrictions for Pepper Sprays:

Pepper spray cannot be shipped 2nd or Next Day Air.New York – Pepper spray cannot be shipped to New York. Residents may only purchase defense sprays from licensed Firearms Dealers or licensed Pharmacists in that state. We can, however, ship dog pepper spray and bear pepper spray to your state.

Massachusetts – Pepper spray cannot be shipped to Massachusetts. Residents may only purchase from licensed Firearms Dealers in that state.

Michigan – Pepper spray purchased must not be more than 10% (Pepper Shot or Mace Pepper Guard are all approved for Michigan).¬† “The reasonable use of a self defense spray or foam device containing not more than 10% oleoresin capsicum by a person in the protection of a person or property under circumstances that would justify the person’s use of physical force.”

Wisconsin – Tear gas is not permissible.  By regulation, OC products with a maximum OC concentration of 10% and weight range of oleoresin of capsicum and inert ingredients of 15-60 grams are authorized. This is 1/2 oz. and 2 oz. spray. Further, the product cannot be camouflaged and must have a safety feature designed to prevent accidental discharge. The units may not have an effective range of over 20 feet and must have an effective range of six feet.  In addition, there are certain labeling and packaging requirements: must state cannot sell to anyone under 18 and the phone number of the manufacturer has to be on the label. The units must also be sold in sealed tamper-proof packages.

If you have any questions regarding our shipping policies, please do not hesitate to contact us at CUSTOMERSERVICE@DOCTORPEPPERSPROAY.COM